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Address: No.3 Jianye Road Yushan High-Tech Industrial Park Changshu Suzhou City Jiangsu Province China


Tel: +86-512-52395108




  Changshu Andes Electric Power Tools Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is located in Yangcheng Lake Shajiabang location historical and cultural city - Changshu. Is a professional production, research and development of electric power construction equipment with manufacturing companies.  Company image

  The company has long been engaged in electric power construction equipment manufacturing and technical personnel, experienced, mature technology, product design is reasonable, the manufacturing process is complete, the processing capacity is complete, perfect in quality control system. Leading products using motorized winch cooperation with Electric Power Research department developed JJ series. Because of its reasonable structure, easy to operate, safe, reliable, lightweight and flexible, and other prominent advantages, widely used in power industry. My company's JJ series motorized winch 1 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 5 tons fast, eight tons and other models, supporting the gasoline or diesel engine, electric motor and other power, for a variety of construction conditions require, and the introduction of motorized retractable cable series winch, to meet different customer needs. The company mainly produces YBQA also EHV type hydraulic pump station, QJA hydraulic clamp, series line tackle, lifting tackle, pole series, stent series, Series line cards, tight line series, and other power equipment construction employment, import and sales agents commonly used tools, power transmission to meet the construction requirements of the job. Product sales coverage throughout the country. And exported to Europe, America, Africa and other places, by the majority of users.

  I adhere to the "quality first, users first" production and management principles, make every effort to the highest quality products, the most reasonable price and best service, allowing users to have "peace of mind with our products!"